Rainmaking – Seeding the Clouds

… picking up on my premise that the value of the cloud lies in the services it provides I quickly progress to the discussion of what are the key considerations that the provider or consumer of such services has specifically of their enabling Infrastructure. Along with Yefim Natis of Gartner, I presented a detailed point of view on this at the recently concluded IBM IMPACT 2009 Conference in a session titled “Understand SOA-enabled Clouds and What They Can Do For you” (Session # 3102)

In it I surmised that the Provider was most focused on considerations that included:

  • Virtualization of infrastructure
  • Government and management of services
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Consistent deployment
  • Chargeback and pricing
  • Security & access control

While the Consumer was in turn concerned with issues such as:

  • Ease of access
  • Discovery of services
  • RESTful interface support
  • Lower cost
  • Speed & availability
  • Security and data privacy

So what does any of this have to do with Rainmaking? Well if we go with a generally accepted definition that rainmaking involves seeding clouds to do something productive as in produce rain, then in addressing these considerations I can bring value and enable my customers to become rainmakers and derive productive value from adopting cloud computing. To this end, at IMPACT this week we launched a new product offering in the WebSphere Application Infrastructure Portfolio that I manage called WebSphere CloudBurst, an appliance that allows users to marshal a set of virtualized resources (think physical servers with a hypervisor) into a cloud into which are dispensed WebSphere based application environments, that enable various kinds of cloud services to be easily delivered (e.g. PaaS or AaaS).

As I fly home typing this at 35000ft, and noodle on all the discussions I have had over the last 5 days, with Customers, Press, Analyst, I think I can safely say I like the concept of Rainmaking and the role I personally and the IBM team I work with can play in seeding the cloud. So while I have this warm fuzzy feeling I think I’ll stop here ….. Since I am above the clouds … literally!!!


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