Its all about the Service!

    On Tuesday 23rd as planned, I delivered, quite smoothly I might add, my Keynote at SOA World, titled “Convergence in the Cloud: How Cloud Computing and SOA Produce Real Change”,  it was a fun filled experience and it would seem from the emails I got later as well as the delegates who spoke to me afterwards it was well received .

    During the keynote, I reinforced a point-of-view that I have already expressed in this blog, regarding the true importance of cloud computing being defined by the cloud based services that are delivered and I touched on 5 areas of innovation that I am tracking and will delve deeper into in this blog over time:

  1. Automation and Management
  2. Elastic Applications
  3. Software Delivery
  4. Pricing and Licensing
  5. Cloud-based Services
  6. Regarding cloud-based services, a gem I recently stumbled across while reading an article on cloud based storage services is Dropbox. Dropbox like many of its genre provide some amount of storage that you  transfer files to and can share those files with others (usinga URL). What has stood out for me however is the effort that they have gone to, to integrate this service with desktop environments. Yes you have the standard browser based access, but more intriguing is how they integrate into my Windows environment as just another folder, which — wait for it — if I put files into it automatically transfers those files up to the storage service. Things got really exciting when having installed dropbox on two machines, I was able to  view and access all files uploaded from either machine on the other just by looking at the dropbox folder.  Such seamless integration can only be applauded and more importantly  illustrates an adherence to what I would state is the golden rule .. Its all about the service!


One Response to “Its all about the Service!”

  1. leifdavidsen Says:

    Looks interesting Kareem. Hope you can let me have the presentation. I just blogged about Cloud myself…following up on attending the Gartner SOA event in london. You can read it here :
    I am sure my entry would have been better if I had heard you first!

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