Kareem Yusuf is the Director of Product Management, WebSphere Software in IBM Software Group’s Application and Integration Middleware division, with responsibility for managing the WebSphere Application Server Family, WebSphere Commerce and Speech Product lines.

Kareem Yusuf has been with IBM for 10 years, joining IBM’s software development lab in Hursley, UK after completing a Ph.D from the University of Leeds, focused on Decision Support Systems for Civil Engineering construction. He started as a Technical Support Engineer providing Level 3 support for WebSphere MQ, specializing in Java based messaging. He then moved into Technical Sales, working for and later managing a WebSphere Worldwide Technical Sales team, covering integration products and architecture. He subsequently moved into Platform Strategy and Management for WebSphere and then SOA.

In his current role, as Director of Product Management, Kareem focuses on the lifecycle management of the application infrastructure product portfolio, managing new product introduction, product evolution and the markets served. With his team he covers a wider range of concerns ranging from market analysis and product strategy to product delivery and ecosystem development.

Outside his day to day duties, Kareem maintains an active interest in the History of IT, with a particular interest in programming languages and application integration technologies and is the author of “Enterprise Messaging using JMS and IBM WebSphere.

He can be found @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/kareemyusuf


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