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We are the World

May 29, 2009

Some weeks back I happened to have a rather interesting conversation with the folks out at Baynote on behavioral analysis  and the wisdom of crowds (cue “we are the world”). This caused me to buy the  book Emergence by Steven Johnson, which is proving to be an entertaining read … I will never look at ants the same way again .. I also laid my hands on Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran, which looks at implementing a lot of these ideas in the context of Web 2.0 applications and mining of social interactions.  One thing I do like about Toby’s book is that it links to another passion of mine – dynamic scripting languages .. In that he uses Python as the programming language to render all of his example implementations. I’ll share more of my thoughts once I finish reading … In the meantime I am off to JavaOne, where, no surprises, among many things I will be dropping in on quite a few sessions on dynamic scripting languages and developing in the cloud …..

 And just because I could not resist .. Another trip down memory lane ….